Verkoerperungsatelier offers exciting workshops on embodiment for various occasions (festivals, parties, themed events,) and groups of people (teams, school classes, interested groups).

There are tried and tested classics that can be booked as a flat rate. At the same time, it is also possible to request an individually compiled program.

The workshop price depends on the number of participants and the number of hours. The classics can be booked as a flat rate. More under price policy.

Individual workshops on request.

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"Reclaim your body", 3 hours, online or in person (de/engl)
The aim of this workshop is to experience yourself (positively) through your own body. This is done by way of movement and perception and through contact with others. Through various guided exercises, the mindfulness in them, the respect for each other and the ease in play and the encounter, you get closer to your own body. The experience will be reflected upon in the group setting. This creates a special space and allows for encounters on different levels.

The idea behind the workshop is to learn to clearly perceive needs and body impulses, to follow impulses, to train one’s own ability to act – each person can participate in their individually determined speed, contact orientation and intensity. The exercises do not require any prior knowledge, or any particular physical ability or fitness. There is neither right nor wrong. The only thing that applies is the request to be careful with your own limits and those of others. There is no compulsion to do all the exercises.

Please bring: Comfortable clothing, blanket / mat, snacks for in between, writing materials, warm socks.

"Take care of your erotic self" 3 hours, online or in person

Who am I as an erotic being? Have I always been ‘like that’? Will I always be ‘like this’? In this workshop we will approach body-based erotic core topics (e.g. turn-ons, patterns, partner choice, dynamics) and find out how you can get to know your erotic self better and devote yourself to it empathetically and lovingly. At the same time you will have the opportunity to gain a differentiated view of how your erotic self would like to be nourished and pampered and which parts you would like to experience less or more in your (love) life.

Mindfully and with ease we will dive into the depths of our desires, recover treasures or snorkel in the colorful worlds and simply be amazed! With guided body and perception exercises, space for individual reflection and feeling, as well as exchange in smaller groups and collective gathering in the group, this workshop offers an insight into the complexity of human (love) life and actions.

You are not alone, let’s transform sexuality collectively!

"Verkoerpertes Selbst" - embodied self - 3 hours, online or in person (de)

The invitation to this workshop goes to everyone who wants to get closer to their own physical self, to learn and experience enjoyment (lust) and the ability to feel through guided exercises. Through the collective framework it becomes possible to start a conversation about these experiences and to feel into your sensations and the different states of an embodied self and how to regulate it, to fully experience yourself.

The guided exercises focus on the most important elements of embodiment: breath, voice, movement and touching yourself. It is a self-awareness workshop for more connection to yourself.

There is no right or wrong, no must!

"unfold for trans*,inter, enby-people" 5 hours, online or in person (engl)

The invitation is to reclaim sexuality, learn pleasure and selflove together, to share experiences, to dive into senses and the different states of embodied selflove and arousal through a collective setting (without any physical, sexual encounter with each other). The focus will be on the embodiment-elements breath, voice, movement and self-touch. There will be some guided exercises to get familiar with and dive into these elements without any goal to reach.

There will be a guided structure through proposals given by the facilitator for the whole series, which will be mostly the same structure for each monday evening, a little different for the weekend..
It is a space for nudity, arousal, pleasure, but at the same time no need to go there at all. But maybe others do, so you should be aware of that. You can follow your own rhythm, be present with all your emotions and feelings and there is no must be! or right or wrong!

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