Price Policy

Prices (netto) from July 1st/2023 on – Verkoerperungsatelier Berlin-


 A preliminary talk, 20min online/in person/via phone – for free

It is important to me to make my offer accessible, which is why there are 3 different price categories. The price selection takes place at your discretion, I do not ask for evidence.

Explanation of the pricing: refers to available money / person / month.

Mini-Price: <850 Euro netto/ Month
Mid-Price: between 850 – 1500 Euro netto/ Month
Regular-Price: from 1500 Euro netto/ Month

Price packages are only available if paid at once.


Session Prices


CategorySession one personSession for two or more people
Durationper 60 min.per 90 min. with 2 People
Mini-Price in €60100
3-Session Package160270
5-Session Package280440
10-Session Packeage480820
Mid-Price in €80150
3-Session Package220420
5-Session Package360690
10-Session Package6401250
Regular-Price in €110200
3-Session Package310500
5-Session Package510890
10-Session Package9001600



Workshop Prices

Workshops per 60- minute workshop time (+ 2-3 hours preparation, travel)

Solidarity: for workshops within certain structures, which I would like to support because I think the offer could be helpful/important. For queries in this category, please write with a short explanation to:

Funded: for workshops at conferences, symposia or organized by foundations, etc.

Other: for workshops paid from other sources


<10 Participants80250350
10-20 Participants100350600
20+ Participants200500800



Fixed Prices for Workshop „Classics“

„Reclaim your body“180 Min.450 Euro
„Verkoerpertes Selbst“ – embodied self180 Min.500 Euro
„Erotische Selbstfürsorge“ – erotic selfcare180 Min.550 Euro
Unfold300 Min.600 Euro


For request contact: