„We recognize that all knowledge is mediated through the body and that feeling is a profound source of information about our lives“
— Audre Lorde

Clarifying Relationships

Experience anatomy with your body

Somatic Counselling and Sexological Bodywork

Experience and feel yourself, find out what you like

Explore your sexuality,

discover new ways with yourself and others

Make transitions sensually and physically connected

Get support in a self-determined manner

“If everything is allowed, change can come”

Systemic counselling and therapy

Barrier-free practice in Berlin F’hain

I accompany and support you in a way that feels comfortable for you.

Nino Mar Seliz


At Verkoerperungsatelier (embodiment atelier) I combine systemic counselling practice with somatic experiencing to meet the physical needs of the individual. By including the body, transformation can be experienced in a unique way.

Do you want to bring sustainable, self-determined change into your life? Then you are in the right place.

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Somatic Experiencing

Sexological Bodywork

Systemic Counselling


You know best what’s good for you,
– I will support you on your way.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel different from the norm, sometimes torn inside, not okay or enough for the world, sometimes lonely? Do you feel like you’re trying to press yourself into prescribed roles?

Do you have the impression that you sometimes lack orientation because of your identity or your sexual preferences, and that this has a negative effect on your everyday life?

Do you experience discrimination?

Do you feel like you can’t experience your own sexuality, embodiment and/or identity, beyond the norm/binary in a pleasurable way?

Do you hide yourself, feel shame or feel like you’re not enough?

You are not alone!
Get in touch and we will find solutions.


A judgement-free space for learning and experiencing

Guided conversations in a trusting environment in single sessions or ongoing sessions for more complex topics or individual life-challenges

In-depth support if you are struggling with topics such as sexuality, identity, relationships and body issues or during phases of change in your life (pregnancy, transition, separation, death, migration, operations, menopause, etc.)

Individual exercises that establish a connection with one's own body and make it possible to stay in connection

Somatic method sessions (e.g. mappings, explorations, meditative touch sessions, relaxation techniques)

Consensus-based bodywork, also hands-on (Sexological Bodywork)

Collective learning through workshops (see workshops) and regular group offers (Queer Body Healing Space)

This is what you can experience here

Embodied, sustainable change according to your wishes, boundaries and needs

More enjoyment, joy and liveliness by getting to know yourself from a new (physical) perspective

Obtaining clarity and orientation for you and your life

A crystallization of your self (who am I, what defines me, what are my interests / resources)

Tools to cope with or to support everyday situations

Perspectives and ideas for next steps

New sensations in the body, a more energized self

Ability to regulate your emotions

Sessions / meetings are currently taking place in my spacious rooms in compliance with Covid-19 and hygiene regulations. Workshops are taking place online at the moment.


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Verkoerperungsatelier recognizes power structures in every day life and transfers that knowledge into the work. This means seeing societal realities as part of the symptoms. Often problems arise not out of the problems of the individual but through the structures that influence our surroundings and that then affect our nervous system and life.

Verkoerperungsatelier supports #BlackLivesMatter.

Verkoerperungsatelier distances itself from Mark Walsh.

Verkoerperungsatelier objects to any form of sexist, racist, homo- and transphobic, antisemitic or adultistic violence and supports and acts in solidarity with marginalized communities in our society.