Verkoerperungsatelier offers you a unique opportunity to work on your body in a sustainable, self-determined way and to get to the bottom of deeper structures in order to be able to transform them holistically starting from the body memory. It is my job to support you on this journey!

With Sexological Bodywork, people can find an individual expression of their sexuality. It is a lively, creative and process-oriented form of somatic bodywork.

The concern of Sexological Bodywork is the support of a self-determined and self-affirmed sexuality. In addition, conveying physicality and awareness is of great importance for holistic growth and psychosomatic health.

In the sessions, people are accompanied in perceiving their body in a more differentiated manner to strengthen sexual health and vitality. According to the World Health Organization, we understand sexual health as:

“Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence. For sexual health to be attained and maintained, the sexual rights of all persons must be respected, protected and fulfilled.”

Experience anatomy with your body

Self-determined bodywork, great methods and possibilities

Support in dealing with scar tissue and much more …

Re-explore sexuality together, finding new ways, learning together

Experience conscious touch

Conscious accompaniment of transitions (Pre/Post-OP etc.)

Find out what you like

With Sexological Bodywork you can find new ways, expand your potential for pleasure and enjoyment and integrate sexual sovereignty and intimacy into your life.

Above all, this opens up abilities to

  • experience and embody one’s own sexual being more intensely (erotic embodiment)
  • (self-) consciously create sexual experiences and intimate encounters and relationships (self-confirmed sexuality)
  • experience and regulate erotic needs and the erotic Potential to live more consciously (erotic empowerment)
  • to create deeper connection with a meaningful life as well as fulfilling relationships
Why we work with our sexuality cosciously

Feeling and expressing personal limits, needs, wishes and possibilities and dealing with consent. Consent in physical work, in social interactions, in relationships and intimate encounters requires somatic self-awareness, personal self-care and conscious communication.

Those who feel and respect their limits also gain capacities and empathy for adhering to the limits of others. Those who trust themselves and their body feel safe enough to explore new and unknown things.


Conscious communication is an important tool in this work

Communication serves to recognize personal topics and patterns and thus to become more aware of one’s own sexuality – the basis for development and change.

In addition, Sexological Bodywork supports the development of the individual sexual identity through informative discussions about questions of sexuality. Often with just a few facts, an open and relaxed approach to the topic can be found, old taboos, shame, fears and reservations can be looked at or refuted.


Conscious breathing supports presence, pleasure and ecstasy. In sessions I accompany you in your contact with your individual breathing, offer you an introduction to different breathing techniques to regulate emotional and erotic experiences.

Conscious touch is a basis for developing a wide variety of touch qualities. With conscious touch, the receiving person feels met and if the touching person is in contact with themselves and the other person, a space of trust can arise, and process-oriented work can be successful from that instance.

Methods – Sessions

Bossy Massage
Here you will be invited to state very precisely which part of the body you would like to have touched and how, during a certain time and with a clear procedure structure. Each touch sequence, is followed up by checking into feeling, before entering into another touch experience. This method is suitable for learning and deepening clear communication and expressing needs.


Mapping methods support the familiarization and sense of the body by creating a sensation, feeling or pleasure map through internal or external contact. This methodology can be applied to the whole body, but also genitally or anally.

Explore the whole body in an exploratory, self-determined way. You can imagine that you have two extra hands available to support you in your desires to explore and get to know your body. The focus can be on pleasure or pleasure research or just curiosity.

Meditative Touch
In a meditative touch session, a mindful, decelerated space of experience is opened, in which the receiving person learns to feel in more detail and more intensely through unintentional, slow and repetitive touching of parts of the body (genitals and anus are also possible). The lines of contact are precisely coordinated and agreed upon. This also makes it possible to break away from purposeful experience, to perceive and cultivate sensations in the body, and to develop a meditative presence in sensual experience and in emerging feelings. Your nervous system will thank you for it.

Support in dealing with scar tissue
Various touch techniques support people in the exploration, relaxation and re-sensitization of scarred tissue on the entire body, especially on the chest and genitals.
Tell your story, Body!
In a protected, agreed upon setting, it is possible to give your body space to tell stories about individual parts or areas of the body. The invitation is to share everything that comes up, including feelings, resistance, taboos etc … I will testify to you as a practitioner. This setting can be powerful for transformation.

Core Erotic Theme
Exploring one’s own core erotic topic can serve as a key to understanding individual arousal patterns and sexual experience patterns. This can help you to become more aware of your own sexuality and support processes of change and erotic self-care.

 and others…

Experience yourself in a new way

Allow yourself to get to know yourself in a new way

Support-Sessions – Process-oriented (min. 3 sessions recommended)

The reasons for why people choose Sexological Bodywork sessions can be very varied. Here are just a few examples:

  • You want a change in the way you deal with sexuality; you want to discover and develop your sexual potential
  • You want to change your breathing habits
  • You feel like experimenting with the sensation of pain
  • Topics related to ejaculation, orgasm, arousal, erection
  • You want to change the way you communicate about sexuality
  • Pregnancy – You wish to be accompanied in an empowering, body-nourishing way
  • Uncertainty with the subject of sexuality / body
  • Identity research and the desire to accept your body, to establish or deepen connection with you / to you
  • Curiosity to consciously get to know your body (genital area, anal area, other areas)
  • You want to learn to get to know your limits, to feel and to be able to communicate
  • Tension in the pelvic area
  • Severe menstrual pain
  • Changes in physical experience: transition, menopause, pregnancy, childbirth
  • Scar healing support and massage of the tissue e.g. after body-changing operations (at least 6 weeks after the operation)
  • Pelvic pain for which there is no medical explanation
  • Desire for change in masturbating
  • Desiring children – preparing your body, somatic attunement
  • You want support in changing your body

During the sessions there is the possibility of genital and anal touch (one-way touch, consensus-based), but also testifying, guided exercises and possibilities. Depending on the client’s intention and wishes. Sessions last 1.5 – 3 hours, depending on the arrangement. I offer different packages. Find out more under Pricing Policy and get in touch if you are interested in an appointment.

I also offer a 30-minute, free first-contact talk in person, online or by phone.

I accompany individuals, but also two people / couples or play partners who want to deepen their physical relationship with one another.

Session set up

In the preliminary talk, topics and feelings are explored and learning goals are formulated, which expand the sensual-sexual vocabulary through the verbalization of body perceptions and feelings during the bodywork sessions.

In addition, through increased attention and conscious practice, feelings are refined and anchored in consciousness.
A session is possible both with direct contact (hands on) and in the form of “I as a space-holding, witnessing person / coach” (hands off). In the sessions we stay in contact verbally and I, as a bodyworker *, accompany you through your instructions to where you would like to have your body touched or where you want to explore. After the physical work, you have 5-15 minutes to integrate what you have experienced.

In the follow-up discussion, the experience is taken up again, and the learning reflected on.

The sessions take place according to the guidelines of the EASB / ACSB in a safe, agreed upon setting, special attention is paid to protected contact with gloves and hygiene.