About Me

Short Introduction


I am NINO MAR SELIZ, I live and work in Berlin in my own accessible practice in F’hain.

I see myself as a Bodynaut* – which means: I study the consent-based somatic potential of people as well as the inherent memory of the body.

Besides that, I’m also a systemic diver – meaning: I alternate between and dive through the systems of family of origin, societal realities, norms, taboos and challenges looking for pearls. Let’s dive in together and search and explore.

You know best what’s good for you
– I will support you on your way.


I see myself as a systemic counsellor and somatic supporter. My approach is body oriented, I also work therapeutically, among other methods, with that of sexological bodywork.

Embodiment (Verkoerperung) means to me to establish, strengthen and cultivate a relationship to being in your body, to practice self-love and self-acceptance as well as identifying yourself with projects, ideas and wishes in an embodied way. Embodiment in an internal as well as external context.

Among other things I am a co-creator of the Institut für somatische Bildung, Sexualität und Körperarbeit Berlin, since my training there in 2017.

personal background

I was born in 1983, and grew up near Nuremberg (Deutschland). I have lived in Berlin since 2006 and care for a magical child in a rainbow-family constellation.

One year after I moved to Berlin, I realized that it is not enough for me to just listen to my head and my thoughts to build trust. I recognized that when I included my body, gave space to my body to tell me what it needs, I could gain a lot of trust, connection and feel empowered.

Through this discovery, I started approaching the mind-body connection in a mindful, respectful and caring way. Three years later, I had to face the biggest crisis in my life yet. Through it, I started to understand things better and still continue to learn. My life has changed noticeably and my quality of life has improved so much through the embodiment work, especially since I started sexological bodywork.

Since then, I am convinced that change is possible and that it is important to get to know your body, become one with your body, to carefully and kindly connect to the body memory and accept your body and feelings in a self-determined way to let transformation take place.

It is very close to my heart to open, shape and hold a transformational space for people. Personally, I have experience in transforming trans-generational trauma.

experience as a somatic practitioner

Since 2020: I’m an assistant trainer for sexological bodywork at ISB Berlin, in the introductory classes as well as the whole circle of education.

2019: Sexological Bodywork Training, Berlin, in cooperation with the Institute of Somatic Sexology, Australia lead by Deej Juventin and Uma Ayelet Furman

Somatic Pedagogical Educational Training, Part B, Somatische Akademie Berlin, certified July 2020

2018: Sexological Bodywork Training, Level 2, Berlin
Facilitator for Embodiment-Structure to accompany the trainings

2017: Sexological Bodywork Training, Berlin

2016 and before:

*basic training in somatic education at Somatische Akademie Berlin

*Stretch – community events and workshops

*experiences in Contact Improvisation since 10+ years

*smaller and bigger acting workshops (emotional Theatre, Forum-Theatre, Clowning, Performance)

*Bodywork group since 2012, 2x a month in a trans*queer context

*Reclaiming Sexuality Workshop by Kitty May (2015)

*different Workshops/Camps/Festivals centred around body politics & queer-feminism

*Bodytherapy (2012-2013)

*sexological Bodywork-Sessions
*Radical Therapy (body based) for 3 years

Systemic Education: Systemic Advisor and Therapist (Systemisches Zentrum – wispo AG, Zertifizierung DGSF (Antragsphase)

Today: I offer empowering sessions using my own body-oriented approach centred around identity, embodiment, relationships and sexuality.

what I've learned through my engagement so far

I have learned that change, liveliness and acceptance are possible, that all people face very similar topics and feelings (mostly and for too long just by themselves) and that community can open up a possibility to allow for a collective discussion around the social conditions in which we live and the ability to change them together (social justice).

I have learned that all people carry skills and resources within them, but they were often buried by socialization/structures/conditions. But also that it is possible to uncover them so that people can find their way back to a self-determined life.

I have learned that power relations can leave traumatic marks in the personal development of people.

I have also learned that people can start to create change for themselves and therefore open up that opportunity for change in other people as well.

Furthermore, I am convinced that in a mindful and conscious and (as much as possible) safe space, mindful change and transformation are possible.

other experiences that shape my work

Group experience, community experience, dealing with socialization mechanisms and power relations, gender, patterns, attributions and thus an awareness of / dealing with them, rainbow family realities, attention, communication skills, systemic attitude, benevolence

If you are curious to learn more, email me: info@verkoerperungsatelier.com