Individual Sessions

I accompany you in sessions (60 – 180 minutes) as an individual or multi-person systems (couples, friends, (residential) communities, families *)

I offer different price categories because I want to extend my offer to people in all phases of life. Please see conditions for more.

There is the possibility of a 30-minute, free talk to get to know each other, online, in person or on the phone. In this preliminary talk, I will tell you more about my offers, answer questions, and we can find out together how I can best support you. Please contact me without any further obligations.

Individual Sessions:

  • Life transitions (pregnancy, transition, puberty, menopause, separation, new relationships, after birth, death, operations, etc.)
  • Challenges in life (all sexual, identity, body, relationship issues)
  • Pleasure to explore (desire to get to know your own body, desire to get to know yourself and your patterns, curiosity to get to know yourself and your body)
  • Anatomical explorations or mappings, (also genital or anal, pleasure-related or anatomically connected)
  • Space for taboo topics (star children, abortion, fantasies, fetishes, etc.)
  • Guilt, shame, anger, fear
  • Gentle scar tissue accompaniment
  • Find relaxation through touch meditations
  • Embodiment (breath, movement, voice and movement)